TopDao X BigONE exchange Interview Recap

TopDao just interviewed Uncle Rich from BigONE exchange today, here is a quick recap of the interview!

Carter: Can you introduce us about BigONE exchange?

Uncle Rich: Some new users outside China may not be very familiar of BigONE exchange, but this will not alter the history status and influence of BigONE exchange within the cryptocurrency industry. BigONE is an exchange that was founded at around the same time with Binance and OKex. it has being grown rapidly since it was founded 4 years ago.

Now there are more than 5 million users on our exchange with a daily trading volume exceeding 1 billion dollars. BigONE has accumulated assets in 8 countries and regions in excess of 10 billion USDT without any significant security incidents. Our business lines include spot, futures, wealth management, leveraged ETFs, DeFi, Angleone, etc.Our slogan is: BigONE is more than just asset security. So what are you waiting for? Try BigONE exchange now to start your most secured ever experience in trading cryptocurrency!

To learn more about BigONE exchange, please check the links below:

Register here:

Official EN group:



Official website:

Carter: That’s impressive! With all of this information, I believe BigONE is a quite decent exchange. Uncle Rich, I was wondering if you could talk about the differences between BigONE’s futures with other exchange today since our focus is on futures.

Uncle Rich: As we know, the regulatory rules for the cryptocurrency industry are still being formulated. Some exchanges will rely on using some ugly tricks to steal the interests of users. BigONE has never done anything like this. Making users’assets secure is one of BigONE’s most important principle, and we adheres to this principle since the establishment of BigONE exchange. So you will never find any negative news of BigONE on any source. In spite of the difficulty, BigONE continues to insist on observing this principle. Of course, this causes BigONE to only support Futures trading of some mainstream cryptocurrencies. For some altcoins or cryptocurrencies that are easily affected by media news, they will not probably pass the exclusive audit system of BigONE.

At present, the mainstream cryptocurrencies on the market, such as BTC, ETH, EOS, DOT, UNI, FIL, etc, their futures trading can be traded here. You can rest assured.

In addition, BigONE has a “most easy to learn” contract operation interface in the industry. The interface is very clear. A 10-year-old can learn to use it quickly, which is very friendly for novices. By the way, BigONE also made the best stop loss scheme in the industry to make stop loss more intelligent. How about it? You can have a bold experience. I promise you will love it.

Last but not least, BigONE will insist on giving back profits to our users through a series of events. These events include the profit-sharing events, new user events, trade competitions, and more. The prizes are very attractive every time. Just like one of the previous event, we not only gave out the Apple family (iPhone, iPad, iPod) , but also prepared to give out a Tesla car.

Carter: In terms of events, I heard BigONE has a new event on-going right now! Are you able to provide more details?

Uncle Rich: BigONE’s latest event is currently ongoing. To be precise, the event period is from Monday to Friday this week. This event is simply inviting your friends register BigONE account to get 50 USDT bonus. The specific details areas follows:

1. Invite 5 new users, and each invited new user completes a futures trading, you (who invited these 5 new users) will get 20 USDT bonus;

2. Invite 10 new users, and each complete a futures transaction, you (who invited these 5 new users) will get 50 USDT bonus;

3. The referee has to complete a futures trading in any amount.

In order to help everyone better achieve the referral task, BigONE will issue a 5 USDT futures experience bonus to newly registered users (KYC certification is required) before 18:00 (UTC+8) every day, and they can use this experience bonus to complete a futures transaction;

Therefore, the only task you need to complete is to invite enough people to receive the 50 USDT bonus. By the way, let the referee uses the 5USDT to open a futures position in time. During the whole process, you don’t need to invest any money, just invite new users, and make them trade futures.

The original event post here 👇, you can check more details later:

Carter: So are there any extra perks for new users? There may be newbies in the group.

Uncle Rich: Newbies are welcomed to participate in this activity. You are a new user or not, you can both invite other new users. You can still get the rewards if you meet all the rewuirements. And as a new user, like I said, you open the Futures trading on BigONE for the first time, you will get rewards.

Additionally, if it is an invited new registered user, there is an additional deposit reward. For the Invited new users, in addition to having 5 USDT no threshold experience bonus, you can also get the rewards if you meet the conditions below:

If you transfer more than 100 USDT to the futures account for the first time, you can get an additional 10 USDT experience bonus, which will be credited to your BigONE account on the next day;

if you transfer more than 500 USDT to the futures account for the first time, you can get an additional 20 USDT Experience bonus, you need to enter the BigONE bonus homepage to claim it. The location is in the upper right corner of the futures operation page.

After you registered as a BigONE user, you can also perform the task of inviting new users to get rewards. However, it should be noted here that the invited new user is only eligible to be invited once, and repeated invitations or mutual invitations by multiple people are invalid.

Carter: It appears that this activity is grand. Why is BigONE so generous for this event?

Uncle Rich: Starting this year 2021, BigONE’s events have completely distanced itself from other platforms and have shifted more to the “true” route. Besides the fact that the awards are really intense, this kind of truth also indicates that the BigONE futures has been developing quickly after a period of development. Today, BigONE’s daily futures trading volume exceeds 100 million, and its trading depth is increasing. More functions are developed to better serve users, such as the industry’s first optimized take-profit and stop-loss function, and liquidation indicator are available. So we want more users to experience the best exchange. That’s why BigONE invested 50,000 dollars as reward funds. As a way to let more users know BigONE and increase the willingness of users to trade futures, BigONE also treats all users with the best service and absolute strength. It also complies with our SLOGAN: BigONE, more than just asset security!

Carter: Alright, here is one last question from me: what is the benefit to our community specifically?

Uncle Rich: Of course there is! We will randomly select users from the new event based on their participation in the event. A total of five lucky users will be selected to win the cryptocurrency surprise gift. Good Luck!

That’s the end of our recap. We also set up a quiz game in the interview, and finally 6 winners shared $50 USDT!

For more AMA with rewards, come join our telegram group!



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